Strengthening Supervisors

Strengthening Supervisors


Supervision needs to be clearly focused on the real nature of practical coaching and mentoring. Reflectiveness results in mindful work where we constantly consider what to do, why we do it and examine it to see how we can do it better. Supervision is a forum for reflecting on work in the presence of another or others who facilitate that process. – Mike Carroll.


  • Group training for your supervisors four times per year
  • Morning session focuses on training in supervision tools, research and techniques
  • Afternoon session focuses on practice and specific group and clinical issues


  • 6-18 participants
  • Participants can be from the same organsation or a group can  be formed from multiple organisations, including private practitioners


  • Program participants have access to the facilitator between sessions for brief consultations
  • Program facilitators are automatically enrolled in our Clinical Ideas Newsletter
  • Our facilitators have training and over 20 years experience in mental health, youth health, sexual health, primary health, child protection and community welfare.
  • Our facilitators have worked with clinicians, front line caseworkers and directors of practice standards in government and non-government services.
  • Our facilitators provide critical incident debriefing for clinical events and community disasters.

More information:

  • Contact us for more information at 02 4946-9324 or
  • A complimentary consultation to discuss your needs an be organised


Session 1: Setting up Supervision [wpdm_package id=8]

Session 2: Managing Performance and Resistance

Session 3: Self-Care

Session 4: Special issues in Supervision

Session 5: Going Deeper – Models of Supervision

Session 6: Action Reflection

Session 7: Boundaries

Session 8: Reviewing Supervision