Thomas Heffner Bio


Thomas Heffner

Thomas Heffner, MAPP 2012, is an electrical engineer, human centered designer, and an expert in innovation at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. He is also one of the founding members of the Design Thinking Corps, with the goal of leading design thinking and innovation across the laboratory.

As a human centered designer in a Defense Research Laboratory, Thomas applies the principles of design, engineering, and positive psychology. By integrating the needs and desires of people, the limitless possibilities of technology, and the necessities of business, he’s able to draw on the designer’s toolkit to deliver innovative ideas and solutions. In short, he is passionate about applying design thinking to wicked problems to create revolutionary products, services, and processes that create a better future state for users.

Because of his varied experience and expertise in engineering, psychology, and design, Thomas has been fortunate to apply design thinking across a diverse set of critically important challenges and opportunities, everything from organizational development initiatives that increase innovation and foster collaboration, to creating security systems that protect our ports, to designing defense systems that keep our soldiers safe all around the world.

Thomas is always looking for a new challenge or opportunity and enjoys meeting other passionate innovators. Feel free to drop him a line on Twitter @tom_heffner